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    Tommy- Good stuff, I'll have to read through all that again when I have my head out of my ass...embly code.

    Ya I know there's a lot I've missed over the years, I really should read up on all the software stuff.... but then I learned how to make PCBs and that seems a lot more fun.

    I got my Ender 3, and it really revitalized my interest in 3D printing. So much so, that I decided to make my CubePro a Marlin based printer too. I tried the software modification game for a while, but ultimately it comes down to the community. There's a much bigger Marlin community than one centered around Cube 3 hacking. Don't get me wrong, the software work to reset the filament EPROMS and to get it working with Cura is awesome ... just not my bag anymore .

    The software hacking method is and will continue to be the best option for most people. Some other people will, like you so elegantly put it, want to make a frankenquub. My project shoots for the people in-between; People that can't/don't want to solder ... but are willing to sort through a few bugs. You could try out this board, and if you don't like it ... put the old board back in

    Back to my project. I ran the motors for the first time with my controller ... they hold! ... that's all I did, applied a small amount of holding current.
    I don't have heatsinks (should be coming tomorrow or Friday) so I didn't want to push the stepper boards.

    I then took out all my modifications and tried to probe out the communication between the original controller board and the extruder control board... but currently, my CubePro is quite naked. The following image might be NSFW ... if you work at a 3D Systems assembly factory.
    IMG_20190212_134533747_HDR (2).jpg

    I started by running a simple print, but the printer quickly generated an error; the chamber wasn't getting to temp like it should. Next, I tried to put the heater and the sensor in a little box ... still no dice. SO ... I'll likely need to spoof the temperature reading with my bench power supply, and make the printer think it's up to temp. Then I should be able to get some better communication readings on the scope. I'll post details on all that when I figure something out. I really don't want to re-assemble the printer ... thankfully my friend here in town has another CubePro I can borrow. They just take up so much room!

    And thanks for the support Walrus, coo coo ca choo.
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