Welcome to the forum bemarriott10. It so happens that a motherboard showed up on eBay this week. (401732-00).

I did notice one thing about the CubePro slicer that seemed odd, but your post helps normalize it...
If I put parts near the edge of the build plate, I have also seen shifting although the preview was "normal".
I went back and looked at the print file, and sure enough it wasn't where I told it to be in the slicer app.

I'm suggesting that if you nudge prints up to the border and then move them in a bit to fit that the slicer doesn't necessarily recognize the last move.
I just wanted to mention this in case this is what you are seeing as well.

We cannot take apart cubepro v2.02 files (yet) to understand this issue but if you can reproduce it with v1.87, it can be checked.
Basically I think the print file goes past the print limits and adjusts based on 'missed steps' by the stepper driver where the nozzle could not go.
Cubify uses a 'drive current end stop' to maintain a proper motion area. When overstepped, it simply looses those counts and resumes based on the new current position.

Bottom line; it may not be your motherboard; just bad habits and a serious software bug.

Another theory of mine is that closing down the CubePro app somehow disrupts the print in progress for a moment and allows the gantry to 'coast' causing an offset. This may fall in the 'really reaching' regime but there is handshaking going on over WiFi. That would be a very clumsy S/W-F/W goof!