I wanted to start a new thread instead of hijacking Ryan's excellent rebuild thread.

The more I play with the CubePro app... software, I get more and more lost. Probably because I am evaluating both v1.87 and v2.02.
Now that a CubePro Duo will be on the way in the next few days, I thought I'd start this "blog" thread related to the CubePro.
Not my blog, mind you... everyone is welcome to add to this discussion. I'm just leaving it very open and generic.

I must say that in the efforts of making the Cube3 more Pro-like, I've noticed some very powerful features in CubePro. Options we wish we had in Cube3.
And at this point it is a good thing to remind everyone I am not giving up the Cube3. On the contrary, Cube3's are still amazing printers for the every-day print once you get a few things worked out. And I must say that all those who have participated in the "code awareness program" have made this possible. I couldn't begin to list all the contributors but to -all- of them, a heart-felt THANK YOU is due.

First of all, the reason for the version discrepancies in my reviews. I will remind that V1.87 is the last version where .cubepro print files that will decode with our current decoder. I will also remind that both CubePro V1.87 and CubePrint v4.03 config files and print files are structured nearly identical where you could easily make distinct comparisons between the two applications. CubePro V2.02 has been revamped to change the way material files are managed. This also affected the app's config files. However, the power of CubePro, or rather, the distribution of code in the S/W is much improved.
Here is a sample of that can be done with CubePro from the configuration menu:


Solid, hollow... slicer configs! Advanced materials and special hardware add-ons. Isn't this what we've been after in Cube3?

Ryan reminded us that there are CubePro's in people closets for what is likely countless reasons.
The refinement of the CubePro hardware will not reach the integration level of the Cube3, rather more of a CubeX platform upgrade, but it was the flagship before someone at 3DS said enough. Who knows how far advanced the Cubify series of printers could have gone.

I can already tell I'll be doing some sleuthing to make sure these are easy to work with. Making prints that can last a day really needs a higher level of reliability. It has already been pointed out to me that broken filament is a real bummer at hour 23 of a print. The fact that these machines have drive units at the print head is a great improvement for the prints... but a broken filament means no more feed! So I am already way ahead of myself to suggest a constant pressure filament driver that continues to push filament even in the event of a break. Arduino and a small stepper using current sensing will be a simple fix. And why have 2 cartridge bays side by side when you can put a full size spool right in the printer on the right side. You get the picture

ReCube takes care of cartridges so no need to down-rev the firmware.

The only other truth about these CubePro systems is that I know these things are freakin' heavy coming in at #130/60kg on the pallet. I am already wondering how I'm going to get it off the truck being a residential address. Although, I am not above unpacking it right on the truck, it is still nearly #100/45kg. Now you see why they don't sell easily on eBay. The weight has got to be a good thing, however. No other printer with this build volume, that I know of, is built to this stout in the consumer market space. The best I can hope for is that these CubePro's are significantly quieter than the Cube3.

Now I have to go find out what happened to PETG in CubePro V2.02. Much harder to track. None in any of the configs! Good thing is, ABS profiles work pretty well with PETG (or better; the reverse in Cube3). That means you can slice a file with 1.87... change the temperatures in the file by -10*C... and print it on your CubePro printer with the latest F/W.

As to the S/W, also note the ability to preview your sliced files. With a little effort, the S/W will even read Cube3 sliced files.