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    What the??

    Whats that spool holder?

    And you got Bay3 installed too?

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    Hahaha... No. That is an offering by the ReKindle guy.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    One of those little good to know things...

    It is 3/5th of a turn on the leveling knobs when adding LokBuild.

    Turn the three knobs => -=THE + WAY=-

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Okay, finally truly leveled the bed as affirmed by printing to the edges.
    These build plates are not completely flat. I have a slight Pringle warp of maybe 40um.
    This cannot be removed from the level adjustment. It is a best average instead.

    Also put an oversized brim on the build plate. Took a V1.87 file and replaced the print with only 4 stripes beyond the extent of the software.
    This is to hold a glue dam for the slurried CubeGlue on the Lokbuild.
    This dam also serves to stiffen the edges of this huge Lokbuild surface so they have less tendency to curl.

    The glue slurry is nearly a 1/4 bottle of glue. The watered down glue had trouble with hydrophobia on the Lokbuild.
    Virgin CubeGlue was much better at adhering to the Lokbuild. Considering this is an "investment slurry", it should last a good long time.

    I think this machine is finally ready for some productive work.



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