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    Building a base for the CubePro

    I am very glad I was able to test out the CubePro on a fairly weak surface. Weak being a dinning room table.

    Had I prepared a base before knowing how this thing has zero velocity management, any simple base would have been woefully under-built.

    So today I set out on a mission.

    Two Home Depots visits later and I walked away with materials for the job.

    You are looking at 30 lbs of MDF, re-purposed table legs, screws and glue.
    This whole 9 yards sits over a faucet and sink in a built-in cabinet.
    Also found some furniture coasters taking up space. Ripped the plastic off and got 4 heavy foam pads with a light coat of adhesive.
    Tomorrow I should be able to move the monster.


    30 lbs is 13.6kg.
    The footprint is only 2' x 2'.
    The fiber board consists of a 2' x 4' x 3/4" MDF; no scraps!
    The posts are 4x4 based (3-1/2" x 3-1/2").
    This is the right shape for setting the box around the sink this base is covering.

    Let's see if I need to add more gussets.

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    ...and a video of the shake shake!!

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    Oh so much better!!!

    For those who plan to deploy a CubePro, have a solid perch!

    - - - - - - - - - -

    ...and if you got the umph... one person can maneuver this beast. I -don't- suggest trying to lift it from the ground or putting on the ground by yourself!

    I'm saying that if you can get a good hold of the CubePro, you can probably move it about. I took it from a dining table to the new perch about 9" taller.
    That went better than I expected.

    Remove the spools, the waste bin, the top cover, and the build plate. Remember to unplug it.



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