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    Cool My First Successful Print!

    Hey guys,

    Its been a struggle for the past few days to get this setup correctly but I guess thats what I get for trying to do this on my own. Leveling the bed was the hardest part but it became much easier once I discovered the Auto Level Bed Wizard in Cura.

    I ruined the original Kapton Tape yesterday so I decided to switch over to Blue Painters Tape because it was much easier to apply. If you go this route, remember to turn off the Heat Bed since PLA doesn't stick to blue painters tape that has been heated.

    Anyway - here is my first successful print! A bearing block I downloaded from

    Only took 13 minutes to print.The two holes came out nice and clean. Everything looked great. The middle hole was designed to be 12mm and it measured out to be 11.99mm.Pretty damn accurate!

    I'm going for a more complicated print next, Santa Hat. Its a 4.5 Hour print and about 20 minutes into it already. I'll post pictures of the finished product in the morning.

    Good Luck ALL
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    Thanks for sharing! Cant wait to see that santa hat!

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    that's excellent!

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    I woke up to an incomplete Santa Hat this morning..

    The error log stated that there was a communications error while sending over the data. Not sure exactly what happened. The quality of the Santa Hat was excellent and the curvature was very smooth!

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    Pictures please



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