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    CR10S pro bed leveling

    Hello All,

    I have been trying to level the bed for my new CR10s pro for more than a week now and it has started to get very very frustrating. i have scratched my surface in the process, have a hole in the bed, a lot of wasted material.
    Here is what is going on:
    1. even though i did my Aux leveling and auto level, i have to offset the print by 0.35mm everytime.
    2. the left side is always higher and closer to the nosel than the right side.
    3. I added autolevel in the slicer as well, but that didnt change it either.

    I have tried leveling like a million times and everytime i have this issue.
    I also noticed something, that my z-axis level is also not good. everytime i set the level on z-axis, i feel the wheel moving down and changes the level. But regardless of that, if the autolevel would work, that should compensate the problem.
    As far is the print is small and centered, it will work alright, any big print will mess up everytime.

    and dont even get me started when printing with ABS. Total waste.

    Any help will be appreciated.


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    Welcome to the forum, ammarqs.

    I do not have a CR10S so I am not familiar with the leveling process.

    Are you certain that your build plate is true flat?
    That would be the 1st thing to confirm. Even my small printers use beds that are not completely flat.

    Is the auto-level a routine that remains with the printer? I mean, does the printer compensate for tilt in software/firmware by changing Z-height while printing?
    Or is the CR10S auto-level simply a routine to get you to a level bed?

    You should be able to do this manually. Raise the bed close to the nozzle and use a gap gauge of some kind. Move the bed and nozzle until all 4 corners exhibit nearly the same gap. If you have to compensate your prints by 0.35mm, make the gauge at least this thick. (normally you can do this in your slicer).

    If your levelers are not holding tight, you might consider a few more spacers to really make that spring force work for you.
    Again, not knowing exactly what these look like, I can only offer limited solutions.

    The part about auto-leveling with z-compensation is a real pain. My Cube3 printers use auto-leveling in firmware. This means that I cannot zero out the plate. The built-in compensation does not agree with a true leveling of the plate. I can hear the compensation as the nozzle traverses the plate. you hear these "ticks" that is Z adjusting itself while printing. The only way I can negate this action is to zero in on a level plate where no Z-compensation is required. When I run the auto-level routine for the last time, there is no compensation in either X or Y all the way to the extent of the bed. Now I know I am mechanically and electronically perfectly level.

    I go through this process only in that auto-z compensation does show up as an artifact in the print. It might make setting up a printer easier, but some of us simply are not wired to accept "good enough".

    Again, your CR10s may use a different system so please take away only that which is applicable to your machine's way of working.



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