After putting together my semi-assembled Rapide Lite 200 kit, I had movement along all 3 axis of motion. A "print" was successful except for no filament feeding. I contacted Ethan of Rapide and received instructions on adjusting the extruder feed mechanism.

However, now I can not get the port to open for USB printing.

I have the latest RUMBA Windows driver installed (Version dated 5/22/2013). I have tried CURA and Repetier software without success in communicating with the printer. Before the extruder adjustment, I had success with Cura software (except for no filament feeding).

I have tried lots of port speeds (baud rates) including AUTO which tries some speeds on its own. The device appears on COM4 and the Windows driver reports that device is working properly.

The printer does show up immediately in the "Devices and Printer" panel under Windows when the 3D printer is powered on and disappears when it is turned off. So I know that communication/detection works at some level. Yet full communication (and table motion) no longer happens.

I have also opened the bottom panel on the printer and nothing appears to be loose.

Can anyone advise the other settings besides baud rate? Parity, Flow Control, etc.?