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    Printing Cube3 files on CubePro

    I've been racking my brain to figure out the easiest way to get PETG in CubePro. The problem is that v1.87 kinda sucks on floor density and general print quality for cosmetic parts. However, it is the latest version we can decode and recompile. I am using v1.87 to snag the header and footer information. You will need to uninstall the 2.02 version to downgrade. They do not live nicely on the same system without intervention. And as they share file names and folders, it can go south real quick when you throw in the Windows user folders.
    Anyway, so for the best alternative materials, like PETG, I suppose that making them Cube3 files first would take care of avoiding v1.87 slicer issues and temperature changes. Basically, tweak the Cube3 file (Ekocycle profile works best for PETG) to your heart's content and swap out the header and footer from the v1.87 CubePro print file. That should convert your CubePro to a serious PETG printing machine.

    Finally figured out what the M240 Snn is doing. This is the location for 0, 0. There are also M240 Xnn and M240 Ynn which are simple "move this number of steps".

    Found out a Cube3 file with just the type and material change doesn't work. Don't do that!

    So the Cube3 files need the CubePro header and footer exchanged. pretty simple. But you do need version 1.87 of CubePro to get the header you need.
    I don't really trust the forum as I know it changes some values... worst of which is a swap from positive number by appending a - (minus).

    First findings... The "cross" infill if much more robust than on Cube3. Simply a different feed setting in the slicer. I see this as a plus for the moment.

    Once we get the ability to change the config files (recompile), it should be simple to cross the appropriate slicer settings to make CubePro equivalent to the Cube3. I know this seems a strange direction to take things, but if you think about it, Cube3 is a different animal. This is merely added functionality... call it a different profile.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    ^MaterialLengthE1: 1052.323
    ^MaterialLengthE2: 0.000
    ^MaterialLengthE3: 0.000
    ^ModelHeight: 12.600
    ^LayerCount: 63
    M404 S40
    M227 P250 S250 G300 F700
    M228 P0 S250
    M231 P0 S0
    M232 P2500 S2500
    M233 P1850
    M106 P100
    G4 P0
    M601 P2 S30 F5
    M228 P0 S1
    M227 P1 S1 G1000 F1000
    M240 S1400
    M104 S200 P1
    M104 S250 P1
    G1 X108.000 Y136.000 Z5.2000 F9000.0
    G1 X108.000 Y161.000 Z5.2000 F9000.0
    G1 X108.000 Y157.000 Z5.2000 F9000.0
    M104 S250
    M551 P1500 S50
    G1 X108.000 Y136.000 Z5.2000 F9000.0
    M601 P2 S30 F5
    M404 S60 P1

    - - - - - - - - - -

    The EOF condition needs a little work to actually lower the build tray and actually finish. But the default from the last M103 will suffice for now.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    It even looks like a Cube3 file! Note the texture on the top. CubePro tends to be smoother. I see a little moire on the walls but less than what I've seen on CubePro prints.

    Dimensionally, I get the following results: 1x1x.5 inch brick with .5" hole. 1.005 +/- .005 in X and Y and .51 in Z. The hole came out at .46 ID which is small by 1mm. This is fairly consistent with Cube3 prints. Something I've been compensating for in creating Cube3 models.

    As to the glue on the Lokbuild, it is becoming philic pretty well. Printing the Rei model took a good size chunk of glue out of the middle . Today I added water and worked the moistened glue into the bald spot. The glue adhered beautifully in a smooth film.

    And this ABS print remained perfectly flat... and again, serious endeavor to remove the print, even with such a small footprint. Note how the glue remained with the Lokbuild this time.


    - - - - - - - - - -

    I am quite impressed and humbled by this finding. I'll have to start converting a few models to see where the limitations come in. One I seriously consider a challenge are bridges. These may over-extrude causing droop... 3DBenchy should help this evaluation.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Just to be clear... as I needed to clarify this to myself...
    The config files that need tweaking is the Cube3 configs.
    Basically tune a Cube3 profile that matches CubePro. ...information already provided with CubePro in their configs... a full set of Cube3 configs in your CubePro folder.
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