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    I am 99% certain that the printer interface just doesn't read the gcode for pausing or anything else.

    As I said I managed to do it with OctoPi (OctoPrint or whatever the raspberry P's interface is).
    Now my issue is that after a resume... the printer extrudes like 2-3cm of really thick filament right before resuming. I have no time to even try and get it out. I am playing more with the settings.

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    That is likely a purge that is initiated by the pause. That may be the F/W of the printer based on the command it is processing. In that case, you want to add a neutral G1 location just before the pause where you would like to purge the nozzle. Immediately after the resume, you want to drive it back to the location it left with another G1 code. If you do not see this purge in the gcode, it is a firmware operation.



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