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    FREE Cartridge Chip Recharge Service Offer

    The ReCube Wand project is complete and is currently advertised on eBay as stock is available;

    I would like to offer a service for members on the fence on next steps as to how to manage their Cube3, Ekocycle, CubeX and CubePro cartridges.

    I am offering a refill service of your chips for forum members free of charge.

    The process is simple:
    Make your request in this thread and I will PM you my address for mailing.
    You mail the chip to my address and include a self-addressed stamped return envelope.
    I reset your chip to 100% and put it in your return envelope and put it in my outgoing post.
    Special requests may be negotiated.

    I make no claims or warranties on the service or USPS performance. USPS rarely lets me down.
    You make it easy on me and I will recharge your chips for you, and return the chip in your prepaid envelope.
    If there will be a delay, I will let you know in reply to your public forum post -before- you send the chip(s).
    This should get you recharged chips within a week total processing time from and to your door.

    Why will I do this? Seriously... almost $30 and premium postage to recharge your cartridge through eBay?

    If you are willing to take the time to remove the chip from the cartridge, fill out a few envelopes and provide stamps, I am certainly able to dedicate the 30 seconds it takes to provide this service.

    I may extend a similar offer on eBay along with recouping all the fees and risks associated with it, forcing needless costs if interested parties wish to have greater security. Like the ReCube Wand, this is not about money, this is about supporting these wonderful machines and community generated enhancements.

    Of course, donations are welcome and will get your custom request filled just as simply as stated above.

    "Let the chips fall where they may."
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