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    Heads up on eBay CubeX cartridges...

    There are a few few very cheap CubeX ABS cartridges on eBay. I engaged the seller regarding the age of these offers.
    Being that there is no image of any label in the ads, please be aware that what I was told, these are all 2013 cartridges or older and some marked with the X120000 lot code which, from my understanding, are original issue cartridges.

    Also know that I have tested the red ABS CubeX cartridge from 2013 from a different auction. This ABS I consider "dry". It sticks to the build plate like nobody's business using CubeGlue, yet shows weak layer adhesion when trying to remove the build from the build plate. This is what I consider beyond the viable life of the material. I've tested these material in both Cube3 and CubePro.

    Don't take my word for this, or my word regarding viability. Please contact the seller if you have a concern about older 3D Systems cartridge products. Just adding my observations. Cheap filament is always welcome but know what you are buying. Informed decisions are always better.

    I will add... there is a $25 yellow ABS CubePro/CubeX cartridge on eBay as well. I have the other one from that auction that I purchased from this seller. The material is holding up as it was from late '14. However, I've been trying to nail down the seller as to the date of the remaining cartridge. He simply won't answer having stated that he doesn't share specific information that may have registration specific implications. I was already disappointed that he sent me an older cartridge but only by a few months. It is a good deal if he can confirm the date, but he is simply ignoring my requests as to the Lot # so be aware that this guy is a piece of work and his ratings show it.
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