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    The ReCube Wand Help Thread.

    Welcome to the ReCube Wand help thread.
    Restoring the code of the light version of ReCube on the Arduino Nano device
    Upgrading to Tomuro's ReCube Pro code, this is the place for discussions.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Your ReCube Wand, or derivative, has a preloaded version of Tomuro's ReCube Light code loaded on an Arduino Nano device.
    Tomuro at offers a ReCube Pro version of the very useful tool to change your cartridge chips to anything you like, within reason.
    You would contact Tomuro directly at to arrange e-delivery of your own personalized version of ReCube-Pro.

    First about ReCube light;
    The following download from Tomuro's site will yield all the tools needed to install the code on your Arduino Nano that resides in the ReCube Wand or derivative thereof.

    You will need the linked download to install the Pro version!
    BE CAREFUL - this download page goes to a serious trap ad! Don't do anything yet, read on.
    Open the link and Wait for the timer in the upper right hand corner of the window to count down.
    Proceed when the upper right hand corner prompts
    SKIP AD.
    Also deny any authorization attempts by the site.
    Your virus protection will also light up.

    This is the link; and note that I take no responsibility for this download choice. I do not have permission to redirect this link to a safer location from Tomuro.

    Download the file

    In the zip file you will find the following:

    Avrdude folder

    Most of the ReCube Wands that have been sent out have the latest Arduino bootloader installed.
    This has a minor implication in the batch file to install ReCube Light or ReCube-Pro as I will discuss.

    Place all the files in a folder of your choosing.
    The included batch file, program.bat, should be edited to reflect the following:

    Avrdude\avrdude -C Avrdude\avrdude.conf -v -patmega328p -carduino -PCOM(n) -b115200 -D "-Uflash:w:ReCube.ino.hex:i"
    <= add this
    EXIT <= optional

    REPLACE (n) with your COM port assignment, no brackets.
    To find your com port assignment, plug in your device and open the Device Manager from the Control Panel, and open the Ports entry. There you will see what port Windows assigned to your Arduino Nano device. The entry should read USB-SERIAL CH340 (COM[n]) where [n] is a number.

    Once edited, you can run the batch file by double clicking it. Ignore any windows error messages or warnings, if any.
    This batch file will open a Windows Command Prompt window showing the F/W installation process.
    Note, if the batch process fails and the Avrdude command line hangs or exits with an error, change the -b115200 to -b57600 in the batch file.
    This simply means your device has the old bootloader and requires a lower baud rate. Do not attempt to update the bootloader ...unless you know what you are doing.

    Upgrading to ReCube-Pro:

    Reading all of the above is relevant to the remainder of this discussion.
    Once you have arranged the upgrade with Tomuro, he will email you 2 files.
    The files Tomuro will send you will have identical file names as the two files for ReCube Light.

    Ignore the ReCube.ino.with_bootloader.hex. (!)

    Replace the light version of ReCube.ino.hex with the file Tomuro sent you.
    With the ReCube device plugged in, simply run the batch file again.
    This time you will be installing your personalized Pro-version of ReCube.

    Using the full potential of your new ReCube-Pro:
    (...and access to your ReCube Light limited interface; here you can change your fill percentage for modified Cube F/W.)
    You need to install a communication port application to read and write information regarding the ReCube-Pro operations.
    I recommend Arduino IDE which can be downloaded from here:
    Under the Tools tab, you will need to configure your device;
    Board: "Arduino Nano"
    Processor: "ATmega328P"
    Port: "COM[n]" <== your COM port from above or whatever it is now. See instructions above.
    Programmer: "ArduinoISP"

    These setting do not require a proper accounting for the bootloader; Some of these settings may be irrelevant. I know these work, however.

    Okay, one more step to communication;
    Tools | Serial Monitor
    Initiating this window will prompt the Nano device to send a window full of data.
    Be sure the Serial Monitor is set to 115200 Baud in the lower right corner of the window no matter which version bootloader you have installed.

    Commands can be sent to the ReCube Wand or derivative using this window. Entering 0;[enter] will refresh the window.
    Commands can be strung together; 1; 3; 4; 5; 7; 8,98; 7;[enter] will get you everything ReCube Light will allow and set your cartridge to about 98%.
    The response lines will generally read; command, error code, data - related to the menu. Error code should always be .., 0, .. unless something went wrong with the connection to the chip or the input was invalid. Simply try again making sure your connection is good. 1;[enter] is a good place to start to confirm the chip type.

    Be sure to open a new Serial Monitor and cycle the power on your ReCube Wand when you recharge another chip!

    This may be me being overly cautious but I do know some data gets stored or hung in the Nano device. I do get erroneous readings if I don't close and reopen the Serial Monitor window. Recycling power on the device is just an added precaution.

    Bottom line, this entire operation lacks a serious sense of accomplishment. You get all this done and "click"... it's over!
    You can play and hack the chip to your hearts content, but in the end... yes, you are a single [enter] away from being done with this entire operation and you are ready to print for another 40 some-odd hours before you get to do it again. Rest assured; your wallet will feel the difference!

    Thank you for your patronage and your dedication to keep these little marvels alive and kicking. Feel free to post below. I will attempt to help however I can.
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