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    Lightbulb Cr10s faster speeds? Your forts please😊

    Hi my name's Rick, I have a cr10-S and I mainly use my printer for making engineering type projects, so no models etc, so my main focus is speed of prototypes, and ending up with a item that is a good mix of speed and quality. However there's only so fast you can go with one printer .

    My question is , my bed is 400x400mm , my idea was to buy another x carriage mount and hotend. Take the x axis belt off, and move the original x carriage to the left, then put the new carriage on so the second hotend is in the middle of the bed, then print off a bracket to tie them together . So I can print the same parts on each side of the bed, 2x 200(going to be slightly smaller)x400

    IV looked at the board for the cr10s, obviously there's only one extruder with a driver. But looking at the dual z axis it only uses a single driver as that isn't a issue , my main question is , has anybody else tried this or has any recommendations or pittfalls I may encounter going down this route.

    Kind regards,

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    Oh now I can see why people add multiple extruders working in unison on a carbon copy.

    No reason you can't slave the second extruder by duplicating the extruder global commands like for every M104, add a M204, M108 M208 and so on. Now you have parallel heads running, pumping out plastic.

    Welcome to the forum Rikrik!



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