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Thread: Z gap problem

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    Z gap problem

    Hi All,

    My cube 3D printer suddenly have problem in z gap. the Z high is already wrong. When I do Auto Gap, the machine not stop when move up.
    And continue move up. I think the z high information inside machine is wrong.

    Is it any method can correct it?

    Please help.

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    The initial Z-gap is set in the Maintenance menu under Calibrate. This is a default that the system uses. You can either follow the instructions and try to get a good Z-value here or just give it 3mm or so just so it never crashes. This setting is what is used for auto-level, which tends to fail better than 1/2 the time for a proper setting. I always recommend a manual setting regardless of what the Cube does by default.

    When you calibrate the default Z-elevation, be sure to hit the unmarked button where it says Cal2 to complete the function.

    If the machine continues to act strange, reinstall the firmware in case a bit got lost.



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