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    Fixed temp issues on 2 Cube3s with a spring loaded center punch (no really)

    If anyone has a Cube 3 that cannot get up enough temp to print ABS or PETG (temp errors), I tripped over a solution that resolved that issue on two printers. I used the below tool to "fire" the spring loaded function one time while in the heating element seat for print jet 1. It only took a few minutes to do it and validate that it could then get to 260C+ temps again. Hopefully it works for someone else having the same issue with their Cube3.

    *The punch will stick inside of the heating element but can be pulled out with little force. I don't foresee this tool having enough power to damage the printer but it's worth warning folks to be careful.

    Automatic center punch:

    What would lead me to even try such a ridiculous thing? There is a story behind it...

    I had a Cube 3 with this issue already. It was labeled as PLA only because every attempt to print ABS or PETG lead to temp errors. Another member of this forum posted a resolution for this issue by pulling the print assembly completely apart and putting it back together, but ensuring all wires are free from potential pinching. It was my plan, at some point, to tear this printer down and perform this action but... I landed a good deal on a Ekocycle. The Eko worked perfectly until I calibrated it, at which point the previous auto calibration setting of -8mm+ caused the print bed to slam into the print tip. There was no damage to the bed but after completing the calibration, I couldn't perform a print without getting temp errors. Ekocycle temp errors indicate how high the temp gets before failing and none of the standard steps to resolve temp errors helped. I could never get above 254C.

    It occurred to me that the impact to the print tip from the bed had to be the cause. Maybe I could impact it from the other end to resolve it? I was very surprised when the 1st attempt of this worked and even more surprised when it also resolved the same issue that had impacted a Cube3 for as long as I had owned it.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Unfortunately, I've found that this is NOT a permanent fix to the issue created by the print bed slamming into the print tip. Looks like the only way to really fix this issue is to pull the print head assembly apart and correct the pinched cables inside.

    I performed the above action multiple times on the same printer without issue but it only fixed the issue temporarily .
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