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    need help buying a budget 3d printer

    hey guys and gals,
    im looking to get into the hobby of 3d printing. i have watched many youtubers and read forums/ reddit posts about 3-d printing. i need help selecting a 3d printer tho. i noticed that the Creality Ender 3 is very popular but im wondering if it is worth hoping onto that bandwagon or if there is another printer that is user friendly and possibly upgradable in the future. i am looking to spend no more that $350 CAD (thats around 270 USD)
    also if y'all can recommend any other subreddits or programs to get started with to help make designs and slicers programs i would really appreciate the help. <3 fetLife itunes
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    The printer held in the highest regard in gleaning conversations is the PRUSA often compared to the Creality CR10 but these are above your budget.
    Then there are the very cheap Monoprice printers that some tout as excellent for the money.
    Ender 3 will fit in the middle of these. This machine can be upgraded with higher grade components but it will remain an Ender 3.

    Tough choices Good luck.

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    Hi Tom! As for me, the best 3d printer for beginners is Wanhao Duplicator i3 mini. ... or-i3-mini

    The printer costs less than $ 200. But despite the simplicity of the design and low price, it makes high-quality models, especially if they are from PLA.

    Here are some of the main pros and cons: Nothing needs to be further customized and invented. To start the printer and print the model you don't need any special knowledge. But this printer doesn't have any heated platform, the case is open and the print area is small but it still large enough for most projects.

    If you want to know more about how to choose the 3d printer and make the right decision, I will recommend reading this article. It was very helpful to me.

    Good luck with your choice!



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