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    Da Vinci Jr. 1.0 no longer supported by XYZ?

    I own an XYZ Da Vinci Jr. 1.0. lately i updated my program xyz ware and it now no longer recognizes my jr 1.0 as a selectable printer. It sees the printer as connected but will not let me print on it.
    I tried installing xyzware pro and xyzSuite. Ware pro has the same issue as normal ware. I click the option to download XYZ Print in xyzsuite and it downloads the update. I click it again and it promps to download the same update again and its a never ending cycle. I even tried suite in administrator mode and with my antivirus disabled. No change. What is this madness?
    What can I do to get Jr. 1.0 printing again?
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    Contact XYZ maybe? Sorry, not a user but this may be linked to a required F/W upgrade for the machine itself. However, a means to downgrade your apps should be possible. You wouldn't happened to have a disk with the original software do you?

    And of course there are the Da Vinci forums I assume. Very interested to learn what you find in your quest to revive your ability to print on your printer.



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