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    Help on choosing a printer

    My current decision is the Ender 3 Pro from creality. It's currently priced at $249. I looked up the price of the cr-10 and it is priced at $340. And some people recommend projects in lower parel the cr-10 and some people recommend the Ender 3 Pro. Money is No Object as long as it is below $400, I can afford the Ender 3 Pro right now or I can give it about a month and I can afford the cr-10. Also waiting is not a problem either. My overall question is what do you guys prefer for a beginner, cr-10 or the Ender 3 Pro. It's one of these two choices I don't want to stray from them.
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    Welcome to the forum Kanerigas. I remember weighing options a little over 2 years ago. All I got from research was more questions. The only thing I can offer is what the tea leaves say... or basically that the buzz is more around CR-10 than Ender 3. But please don't ask me to quantify that statement. Good luck on your quest.



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