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    PlateLock Option

    I've noticed one strange thing about my variety of Cube3 printers... some have a really good magnetic lock on the build plate and some are only tepid. I've been very careful with warming the plates so that isn't it. What really set off the difference is how tight this latest printer holds its build plate. Did 3DS just throw whatever magnets they could find into this thing? I doubt it.

    I know our host has used and may still be using these but I'm about to join the club with one I printed L O N G ago and has been used as a spacer for door stops. It is this constant reminder that had me pick it up a few weeks ago intending on maybe locking this fairly loose fitting build plate. Now that I am printing B2B nozzles in batches, maybe this is a good idea.

    Again, I did this long ago to tie all the bit together and give you a fighting chance to make this work. Basically a lattice with 8 glue points and fixed magnet locations. The fit is snug. If anything, the holes for the magnets need a light sanding but it is intended to allow no play. Not so tight as to pull caps of the magnets. Be sure to fit the print -before- committing it to the build plate.


    I highly recommend using ShoeGoo for this. It cleans up easily if you change your mind and it just works. A small dab, just a scraping off of a shallow dome of ShoeGoo on each pad is more than enough. Place the PlateLock frame on the Cube's magnets, just a little low, and place the plate as squarely as you can in the Cube3. Now carefully raise the PlateLock to meet the plate while being careful to keep the plate aligned on the magnets correctly. While the plate is forward, press the 3 accessible pads to the build plate. Carefully! move the plate to the other end and do the same for the back 3 pads. Then tip your print so you can put pressure on the two pads on the side. Check, rinse, repeat to meet your own level of perfection.

    If you don't like ShoeGoo or only have an RTV on-hand, it will also work wonders. Just a bit harder to clean up if needed.


    ...and thingiverse

    Don't forget to treat yourself to the other side of the plate too...
    That file can be used to help mechanically zero out your auto-level once you get the PlateLock device installed.
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