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Thread: Cube3 enclosure

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    Cube3 enclosure

    My cube is finally working up to par after the mods I found on here. Only issue is how loud the cube3 is. I was planning on putting it into one of my glass door cabinets to maybe muffle some of the noise but my concern is the temp the enclosure will maintain.

    I was planning on putting in a small fan in the back to circulate some airflow. Just wanted a second opinion since the cube is all self contained and I'm concerned about the electronics like the display and computer.

    Any thoughts?

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    Since there is no heatbed on the Cube3 i wouldnt be that much concerned.

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    agreed, I put one over mine when I first got it to drum down the noise but other than that, not needed.

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    How much of a noise reduction have you two gotten from enclosing the cube 3? Was it enough to be in the same room as it for extended periods of time?

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    I found that 2 doors is enough to seriously suppress the noise of the steppers.
    By the same token, two barriers should give you a good level of silencing.

    If you have a screaming fan, there may be another solution. Now where did I put -that- post?



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