Good afternoon all,

First up, I've been a lurker for a few months here and found much valuable information, so my thanks for everything this community has posted so far; it really is an amazing resource.

I have embarked on an ambitious program to print a Blood Bowl Arena and have been making pretty good progress, but recently I have hit a snag and while I know what's the problem I don't understand the cause. I am printing the last of 8 medium sized tiles, and when the printer nears the end of the print the cartridge is jamming (filament rocks back and forth, makes a ticking sound) which I believe indicates the filament has stripped inside the drive gears. So that's why the final layers are not printing, what I don't get is why it's happened with two different cartridges yet a test piece with the second cartridge (printed between the two failed tiles) worked fine.

Here is a brief summary of what I've done:

  1. Print fails
  2. Attempt purge jets, notice not extruding
  3. Change cartridge as I have spares, reckon I'd fix the bung one later
  4. Auto-level and gap
  5. Manually adjust the gap to -3.15mm, which is very close to the -3.14mm I had printed the previous tiles on
  6. Tape and glue the print plate
  7. Warm the plate and room
  8. Print a test piece (success)
  9. Re-tape and glue the print plate
  10. Warm the plate and room
  11. Print the medium tile (fail due to cartridge not extruding)
  12. Attempt purge jets, notice not extruding
  13. Swear loudly
  14. Post on forums

I am using the same stick of glue and both cartridges are NIB ABS cartridges from 3D Systems (I got lucky and picked up 6 of them for 1/2 price in a recent sale). Now I am using a different brand of tape from the previous tiles, but both are cloth tape and appear to be very similar in thickness; the new one does look slightly thicker, but it's really close and I am using a 0.01mm larger cap with it by chance. When looking under the print head while printing the first few layers there does not appear to be an issue with gap between the head and tape, as the layer is going down smoothly.

I am getting slight curling of the bottom corners but it's within a level I am willing to accept (especially as it's on the bottom and not visible). When comparing the bottom of the three tiles, there is not much different between them. Now the chances of two cartridges failing in the same way at roughly the same place in the print is astronomically low, so I am betting I am doing something causing this.

Can anyone offer any insight as to what might be causing my issue?