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    Cr-10s PRO where to buy

    I am looking to buy a cr-10s pro and was wondering the best place to buy it.

    I was looking a tiny machines and saw that they upgrade some things for you, like the bl touch, but for about $200 extra... worth it?

    If not where should I buy it?


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    I was in the same situation. CR10s Pro at Matter Hackers for $549.00 but never in stock. I waited for weeks and finally gave up and bought a CR10S for $449.00 including shipping from them. It was important for me to buy from a US based business. I am really happy with it and spent less.

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    Welcome to the forum JDagg12.

    If I am not mistaken, it is the CR10 that got a firmware memory upgrade for the latest F/W. IIRC, we are talking CR10 Pro. Something about not having the room on the processor to add the auto-leveling on the older machines. Worth looking into if you plan to get the most out of it.
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