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    Buy a CubePro Duo TODAY - it's a good choice?

    Hi everyone,
    I have a Cube3d suitably modified to use the free filament, I think it's an excellent 3d printer but it has a too small plate.

    I would have the opportunity to buy a used CubePro Duo in excellent condition.

    Do you think it's a good choice?
    can I hack cartridges and firmware?
    Does the 3d printer have a heated plate?

    Thank you

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    Good choice depends on a few things mainly price.
    You go back to V2.00 with the hack. Or you can reset carts with ReCube.
    The plate is not heated. The chamber heater points at the build plate.
    Doesn't get hot but very warm.

    CubePro slicer is different than Cube3. Cube3 is much more forgiving.
    I have not been impressed with the CubePro slicer.



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