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    Quote Originally Posted by bolsoncerrado View Post
    They look nice as long as you manage to get as many 12v lines as required without killing the amps?
    Is says 12V = 82.3A - Extruder Heater = 30W>40W I'm not sure about the bed but I'm guessing more
    (this is where Joao comes in and explains it to us dummies)

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    Hi, I just received my Rapide Lite 200, it's the V3 version.
    I was looking to replace some of those loud fans, and read some of the specifications in this post. Is there a newer post, because I am fairly sure that the extruder fan on my printer is a 40x40x10 mm, not a 45 as listet in this post.
    My point is, are there any minimum requirements to the airflow? I have been looking at Noctuas NF-a4x10 FLX. It's a 12V lownoise fan
    The airflow of this fantastic fan is between 6.6 and 8.2 m3/h, depends on how you connect it. The noiselevel is only 12.9db(A) or 17.9 db(A). The one on the my printer is at least 30 db(A). Also the 50mm cabinet fan is way too loud.

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    Hi EmracingDK!
    I would say that you will have more than enough (for "regular" plastics, as PLA and ABS, even PET) with the fan you mention. Take on mind that sometimes one have to DECREASE cooling requirementes in order to print OK. In my case (ambient T between 18 and 25 ÂșC) I have tested printing (PLA-ABS-PET) with the supplied "regular" fan set much lower than its ability to cool with no problems (you can specify for it to work at x% of its full power)... So go ahead, unless you are planning printing with "special" filaments that require higher temps (as C-compound filaments or nylon), and in that case what you most probably need firstly is an extruder able to accept this higher temperatures)...



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