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    Command line tool to print files

    Hey all,

    I have been working on the protocol used by CubePrint 4.03 to communicate wirelessly with the Cube3 printers. I have discovered how to complete the basic operations and I am looking for input on the command line options and working functionality.

    I intend this to start life as a command line utility, with maybe a GUI in the future. What I have started with is this:
    Command Description
    discover discovers all of the printers on the network
    send<printer ip | name> <filename> sends a file to the cube. Will take either dotted IP address or name and filename. Sends file to the printer and reports any status.
    send <filename> sends a file to the cube. If there is more than one printer on the network, then it will prompt for which printer to use.
    cubestatus [<printer ip | name>] Gets the current printer status by dotted ip or name. If printer is not specified, then the status of all printers discovered on the network is displayed. This should report current job status, hot end temperature, fans, etc.
    cancel <printer ip | name> Cancels the current job on the the specified printer.
    jobstatus <printer ip | name> gets the current status of the job on the specified printer.

    ​Please let me know if you have any further ideas.

    Here is the initial version that does the raw discover with some extra debug output....

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Well, I am getting there. Been a bit of a slow go, sometimes having to work for a paycheck gets in the way. I have it now discovering Cubes, with the addition of a borrowed cube, I can do some additional testing with two cubes on the system. I also have it returning status for the specified cube and if the specified cube is no good, then it just quits. I have started the printing process, but that one is a bit trickier:

    if specified file does not exist, exit
    if specified printer does not exist, exit
    if specified printer is busy, exit

    The first two are easy. The last one, I still have to determine how. I will post an updated version tonight by 9PM (Pacific Time).


    Well, the framework is in place for printing. You can now use the discover command and the cubestatus command with either the name or the IP. It doesn't always find all the cubes as the they don't always respond to the broadcast. I am still working on that, to retry the broadcast if I don't get any replies at all. One thing I am thinking about is adding the ability to have it remember cubes so that it doesn't have to out and find them each time. Not sure how big of a hassle that will be yet.

    valid commands:

    > cubeprint discover
    > cubeprint cubestatus <printer>

    Let me know what you think. Or if you have an idea of how you want the cubestatus output to look.
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    Awesome job man, keep it going!

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