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    Quote Originally Posted by Jan Pettersson View Post
    Note that I have my self drilled the hole that is threaded for M3, it did not come with the new hotend I bought.
    Great idea you had there, shame RL did not add this to their design, well at least not yet.

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    That screw seems like a good way to fixate the termistor, hope it works as planned.
    I had an idea about a thread(wire) runing up through the hole that rapide was planning to use for a fastening screw. Tie the thread to the termistor and then tighten it through the hole to something on the top of the heater block. Everything used must of course be able to handle the temperature.

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    I'm very new to all this and have seem several hot ends with is type of screw used to secure the thermistor in place, so I suspect this is a great a valid mod. For those of us who don't have tool and die equipment I was thinking of using high temp silicone use an appropriate release agent on the wires and inside of original hole adding some thing as a little handle so it could be removed then once cured remove, clean everything to remove the release agent so it will stay in place any thoughts? If I had any talent in drawing I'd provide an image but that's not reality.


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