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    Temperature Issues? Check your connections first!

    I have been having problems with extruder temperature control on my RL200. On two occasions printing was aborted when the hot-end temp reached 250°C (this cut-off is coded into the software).
    In a further incident the hot-end temperature went haywire and rose rapidly to way above the set 210°C. I was fortunate enough to spot the problem and abort the print. When I checked the external hot-end temp with a separate temperature probe I found it to be 260° !
    If I hadn’t been around to catch the problem then I suspect that the hot-end would have burnt out. Note, the thermistor was still in place.
    After those incidents I monitored the temperature constantly in Repetier-Host and discovered this behaviour –


    This rapid fluctuation in extruder output and temperature was unexpected but became significantly worse later –


    Since this seemed to be linked to actual printing (i.e. no such problems when static) I suspected a thermistor or thermistor connection problem.
    After much testing I discovered this on my semi-assembled kit -


    The crimped connection on the purple wire from the thermistor was poorly made and the wire was not secure in the socket. As a result, vibration when printing caused a loss of connection to the temperature sensor.
    I replaced the connector and now everything seems OK.
    If you spot similar behaviour then check the wiring before any damage is done!

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    @Rex - Great spot! You probably saved your printer from a burn out!

    These kind of quality issues may account for many of the problems we've found e.g. intermittent connections etc

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    I agree, quite a few of our problems come from poor factory issues and no QC at all...

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    Well opening the base and check cables may be a good "break" from cleaning my hot end



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