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    Cube Pro Duo - How to reset or fix ERROR T12 (Initial rate of change low) Contact su

    Thank you all in advance for your help.

    The only information i was able to find is the following.

    Error 12 = Initial rate of change low and the website says to contact support, but we all know that there is no longer any support for subject printers.

    Let me know if you guys experience the same error 12 code, and if you guys had any luck overcoming the error.

    Thx again

    Initial rate of change low
    • Contact support
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    The reported failure on CubePro is likely a chip on the extruder board. Most T12 errors reported here are about Cube3. CubePro is not one that comes up with these errors on the forum that I've noticed over the years. However, the failure of the board was reported once to my knowledge.



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