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    That's half-a-day's drive away without traffic. with traffic, it could take days, if not weeks.

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    I know a 'virtual' folder is created. There is a flag in the config that asks if temp files should be removed. They've got that thing locked up tighter than a drum.

    My take on what they did was to put the BFB_Library onboard. They now feed their native command data to the 'machine manager' who knows which filament and how much to spit out moving from 'here to there' and what rate to do it. It knows if it is doing sidewalks, walls, infill, etc. These have always been coded in their optional comments as #vector . This makes the slicer independent of the machine protocol to achieve the desired result.

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    ...As to the sending routine from CubePro - I suspect it just submits the file after the handshake. It would be the same as submitting a USB drive with a .cubepro file. The process is to open Cubepro, open the print file, and send it. In the meantime you can query the data graphically.

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    I wonder if the graphic interface reads the movement data directly to provide the graphics data. Du'h! Of course it is. It's not parsing this from BFB! However, it can for Cube3 files.

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    Drive fast

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    Ah, yes, this is the process the printer goes through when you submit the cube3 or cubepro files. Another level of encription.


    This should be common between Cube3 and CubePro.

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    You know you can load these up yourself. I had to do a <ctrl>-C and paste in a different folder. The entire ExtractGcode folder is purged after processing. Not sure where the ISO image comes in but it must be for a future feature like a library. The orthographic image is the screen image on the printer.

    This is the fileset it creates;
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