We have been providing support via email since we started shipping Rapide Lite 200 and there has been a forum and Facebook page set up by two of our contributors for users to discuss issues and tips.
Unfortunately, we are unable to access the forum or Facebook page in China as it is blocked so we cannot see issues or comments posted there.
For those commenting about the lack of response to the forum from us it is only because we cannot access it, not that we do not want to comment or assist and we hope those commenting negatively about this can respect the situation we have being in China where many sites are blocked. We did not set up the forum or the Facebook page ourselves and do not control them.
We are dealing with issues as they arise and we would remind many contributors they have the first production models of our printer, which has had some issues we are addressing and improving.
We have already invested $300,000+ more than the funds raised to produce and ship perks and continue to invest more of our own funds to improve Rapide Lite.
For those who received the first printers many of the issues we have addressed with you already and your feedback has enabled us to make changes in production which has resolved a lot of those issues.
We understand there are still some issues with the logic board and firmware being reported and we have been handling these via email. We have had 3 boards returned to us for testing and all boards have been tested on arrival. We have not been able to find any fault with the boards returned and have had them printing in our test machines without issues.
We certainly are not suggesting there is not issue but we have so far not been able to find a cause for this or how to solve it for those who are having the problem. We have around 700 printers now in circulation and the issues are only being experienced by a small percentage of users.
To assist users more, moving forward we hope to be able to offer live chat support but this will depend on the number of printers we have in the market as live chat is an expensive exercise and to date no other 3D Printer manufacturers are offering this.
We encourage anyone having issues with their printer to email us at directly so we can assist. We do our best to response in a timely manner but ask for your patience whilst we continue work on improving Rapide Lite.

Rapide Lite 350
We have made excellent progress with the heat bed issue we had faced with both Rapide Lite 200 and Rapide Lite 350. Fortunately, our Beta Testers with Rapide Lite 200 have been providing excellent feedback to us regarding this issue and we have been able to save a considerable amount of time by reviewing the heat bed.
We will still use an aluminum PCB heat bed on the 350 but will also add an additional layer to the top to ensure it is even. We have also added a second power supply to act as a stand alone source of power for the heat bed which will further enhance the speed at which the bed heats up and the available power for the bed.
Rapide Lite 200XL
We conducted a survey to gauge interest for Rapide Lite 200XL prior to offering it as an upgrade. At the time approximately 70% of contributors said they would upgrade if it was available in the future. To date only 20 contributors have taken advantage of this upgrade and as the cost to produce the upgrade requires a range of changes we have decided to run a stand alone campaign for just the Rapide Lite 200XL.
Some changes to the standard 200 we are going to include in the new version of the XL will be:
ARM 32bit Control Board
2.8” Full Color LCD Touch Screen
10mm Optic Rods for the Z and X Axis (we are also considering German Slider X Axis as an option to the Optic Rods)
The 200XL will retail for $2499 and offer 16,000cm3 build space with a 350 x 380mm foot print. It will be the only true 400mm build height available in a desktop 3D Printer that will print at 50 microns.
We have decided to make these changes based on the feedback from our contributor base and market research which has shown there is no real alternative in the market which is desktop and offering a large build volume.
We will also develop the ARM 32 Bit control board and 2.8” Full Color LCD Touch Screen to offer them as an upgrade for current 200 owners in the future if we can work out an easy electrical change over for this. The control boards are very different and it currently requires a complete change of the cabling.

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