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    Beat me to that question TD!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TommyDee View Post
    ... and how are you managing the chip while printing?
    TD, could something be designed to utilize the 2 screws on either side?

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    With a fixed frame filament driver, it would be stiffer and therefore a more reliable connection.

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    Very nice mod indeed, cant wait to see your tutorial mate!

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    OK! I took some pics of the process

    First thing todo y buying a LEFT SIDE MK8 EXTRUDER and a M6 BARREL with teflon tube (this is optional)

    I can´t insert the pics so uploaded in a gallery:

    Next, you need to make holes for other 2 screws in the cube 3 to firmly fit the extruder plate. They are symmetrical to the existing ones that hold the step motor.
    I used a 4mm drill, do it carefully, you don´t want to damage the step motor holes.
    As i said before, the cube 3 has a "notch" around the axle so you need to make the extruder plate hole a little bigger (26mm, Do it only in the back side, so it fits more tight in the cube. I used a step-drill to do this.
    Cut the M6 barrel to 10mm long so it fits between the toothed wheel and the extruder outlet hole.
    cut a piece of 30mm original tube (2I/3O mm) and fit it 15mm in the tip of a 3I/4O mm tube for the inlet guide tube.
    Screw the barrel and the bowden adaptors to the extruder.
    Remove the original toothed wheel from the original extruder. Cut a 5mm piece of 3I/4O tube and fit it to the step motor axle so the toothed wheel is aligned to the new extruder wheel. Now glue the toothed wheel to the axle.
    Now using the provided with the extruder screws fit the new extruder it on the cube 3.
    put the spring and screws tah hold it. In this step I used a spool holder that printed from one of the DIY extruders found here and put it with the top screw that holds the spring in place.
    Insert the inlet tube and check that the 2/3mm tube nearly touches the wheels.
    Insert the outlet 2I/4O mm tube.
    And that´s it! ready to print! I inserted filament flawlessly at first try! so much easy to swap.
    I have printed 80 hours with this mod and have NO CLACKS, NO FAILS! tried many different brands of filament and no troubles at all with any of them.

    Now for the chip..I only have PLA (anyone knows where to buy ABS chip?) so i don´t need to change it. First i glued it but was a little fragile and could fall in the middle of a print so I just cutted the original cartridge and fixed it using the existing 2 screws as suggested by ztoddman1.

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    Nice. I likey it.
    I have an MK8 on the way so next time my original gear fails for some reason, I may have to give this a try. Luckily I have a 2 junker printers and 1 that is being unused so........



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