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    Bed not staying level, PLEASE HELP!!!

    So printer worked great, I made a bunch of stuff I didn't need to make (is that not what we all do?!?) but I was just trying to learn and have fun. about a month ago I did an 18 hour print and everything went perfect. Tried to do a small 2-3 hour print and it failed within half an hour. Since that last print I've yet to make anything print for more than 5-6 minutes before failing. It seems the adjustment nuts are coming loose as soon as it starts printing and ruins any hope of it working. I bought some extra nuts yesterday thinking I could use them to "lock" the first nut in place. I got them all on and leveled the bed then started a print. Adhesion was bad (I assume), so I releveled and it was insanely off (to far away from the bed) so I redid it 3 times in a row and tried another print. The first line didn't stick so I stopped it and quit. I'm at a loss at this point and just want to print again!

    Everything I've done so far either to upgrade or to try and fix this issue is listed below:

    Mirror bed
    Capricorn tube
    CHpower support rods
    Yellow springs

    Anything suggested/tips are greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!

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    I had the same issue with my first homemade printer and I solved it by getting nylock nuts. I had to replace them yearly as the nylon begins to wear out when you work them a lot but overall it worked well. If you want to try this go on amazon or wherever and search for "8mm nylock nuts" or whatever size you need. I can't remember what size they are.



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