I've been printing for a couple years now, I have 2 printers, both I3 types (wanhao d i3 and a rapide lite 200). 90% of the things I have printed are either thingiverse files, or files I have modified. But most times when I throw something together from scratch in SketchUp my printers freeze mid print (usually early on). I typically slice with Cura. It's a battle getting a print to cooperate everytime I try to design something. XAPK
I don't have the printers connected to any computer, just straight up sd card prints.
I have checked for holes, etc. I inspected the latest uncooperative model with solid inspector in SketchUp, as well as imported it into meshmixer to inspect it. I didn't find any errors with either software.
Both printers have the error, so I believe it's my lack of design knowledge, as the freezes only seem to happen on my own models.
Any suggestions? I'm getting a bit swamped chasing down ideas on Google searches. I guess I've been having trouble coming up with the right search terms to narrow things down enough to solve why I can't seem to make my own designs work.