Hello all,

Lately my CR10s Pro has been starting off each print at a different height. I am using the stock probe on a creality glass bed. I don't adjust the Z offset at all (example I always leave it at -.3) but it seems that sometimes it will print high or way low. To trouble shoot this I stop the print and drop it down say -.3 but it will still be way high or low. There seems to be almost no correlation to the height it starts printing compared to what I enter into the LCD. I of course have tried leveling my bed, lowering the sensor a bit closer to the glass and re adjusting the sensor's sensitivity with the little screw on top. One thing I noticed is that compared to my friend's identical printer his screw seems much more responsive in terms of when the light comes on. I turn the screw just until the light turns on but then it will take 4-5 turns the other way to turn it off. I know these sensors can be affected by all sorts of factors but it seems like this has really gotten worse lately. Do you think maybe my sensor is somehow going bad?