Hi all,

I've had my Creality CR-10 for 2-3 years now and it *was* brilliant. Very, very rarely failed prints and I could essentially just hit go and leave it to it. Last week I completed a 17 hour print without issue, then moved on to the next item on my list and wasn't happy with how the 1st layer was going down, so stupidly decided to try to re-level the bed. Huge mistake as now I can't print anything.

This is what I have managed to produce after seemingly countless attempts at printing a bed level test. It's supposed to be a solid disc.



How is it managing to print concentric circles then miss a gap, then print another circle etc. Surely that cannot be a bed level issue as the bed would have to be warped to an impossibly uniform degree?!

I am using a new filament, however it's the same one I successfully managed to knock out the 17-hour print with.

Any ideas? As I feel like taking an axe to it currently...