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    Different thermistor for CR-10

    I've had numerous problems with the thermistor - over-tightening, under-tightening, etc
    On spec I saw a threaded thermistor that looked like it might fit in the screw hole (my hotend is micro-swiss but I think the vanilla has the same hole). Fortunately it fits perfectly and seems to work fine - I'm printing as I type and it looks good.
    Here's a link to the one I bought. You'll obviously have to butcher the wiring a bit - I've been quite neat and used shrink-wrap over the soldered joins...

    PS - I'll report back after doing a few prints to see if it was money well spent :-)

    REPORT BACK - Don't do it. After a couple of prints it began to behave like the standard glass ball - jumping to 360 and shutting down - normally a sign of overtightening. Even after I slackened the screw it was inconsistent and failed another couple of times, at which point I went back to the fiddly but slightly more reliable glass bead .....
    Ho Hum.......
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