I recently purchased this Creality CR-10S Pro V2 3D printer and the found that it was not actually finished.
There appears to be no Quality Control at Creality.

The Australian supplier said that this is common to all Creality 3D printers.

If you purchase a Creality 3D printer, please go over it and check every screw and nut to make sure that they are all done up tight.
Also my printer had the carriage rollers adjusted too tight. There were even flat spots on the Y axis as I moved the print bed. The wurst felt like a detent that it fell into and needed quite a bit of force to move it.
I adjusted them all and now, with a bit of use the flat spots are smoothing out gradually.

The other problem is getting the finished prints off the print bed. They supply a scraper to dig them off the bed. I tried not to damage the prints much and eventually dug them off.

I have now installed a Wham Bam magnetic "Flexible build system" (310 x 320mm) and now, once cool, the prints just come of so easily by removing the flexi plate (covered with a PEX sheet) and simply bending it- and the prints just fall off.

I mounted the magnetic sheet on a sheet of 3mm glass - to make sure it was flat.
The Creality aluminium plate was not very flat with a variation of about 0.3mm.

It is now a magnificent printer, with auto leveling, (using the standard BL Touch) it make great prints.

I am using Ultimaker Cura to drive the printer - very nice.