I'm having a problem with my CR-10 and prints warping really early into the print. I've tried just about every bed adhesive technique I could find, but after 1 mm of printing the prints still warp. I've gone out and gotten a space heater to warm up the room that I have the printer in and it is still warping. My latest attempt to solve the problem which involved turning the cooling fans off until 3 mm high is going and I wont see it until morning. Temperature of the space heater was set to 74 degrees Fahrenheit

I'm running out of ideas. Here are my settings
Filament: Hatchbox PLA
Nozzle at: 185 degrees
Print Bed: 40 degrees (Testing Max 90 min 25 all warped)
Print Speed: 70 m/s
Brim: 3-8 mm
Fan Speed: 100% (current print 50% after 3 mm of print height)
Layer Height: .2 mm
Infill: 20% Cubic (Also did Tri-Hexagon)
Room temp: From 66 degrees to 74 degrees Fahrenheit

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So after printing without the fan the warping has gone down, but it is still occurring. Before a 10~15 mm radius would warp, now it is closer to 2 mm. I am out of ideas and would appreciate any advice that people have.