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    1GHz Cortex A8 board on Indiegogo

    Not bad spec. for the price.

    Technical Specs:

    • Texas Instrument Sitara AM335x, 1GHZ Cortex-A8 ARM
    • 2 Programmable Realtime Units (PRU) to generate really high frequency step and dir signals
    • 4GB eMMC
    • 512M DDR3 memory
    • 10/100M ethernet
    • microSD card
    • USB Host to connect USB disk, WiFi, Camera .etc
    • USB Device interface, shows to the computer as a mass storage device

    Stepper drivers

    • 5 to 6 DRV8825 stepper drivers
    • 1/32 microsteps / step
    • Each capable of driving bipolar steppers up to 45V and 2.5A
    • Digital control of the current setting for each driver


    • 3 heaters, 2 for extruder and 1 for HBP
    • 6 connectors for fan or LED light belt, all adjustable


    • 3 Thermistor (ADC) inputs
    • 2 Thermalcouple (MAX6675) inputs
    • 6 endstops
    • 1 connector for external power button


    • 50 pins FFC connector for 24 bits TFT LCD and touch screen
    • connector for 2 extended steppers
    • connector for 3 extended heaters
    • Serial connector to print debug log
    • Lots of pins broken out, including step, direction and enable pins for the stepper drivers

    BBP 1S
    We also offer a special version: BBP 1S, which allows you to print more materials and support dual Z-axis printers.
    It adds more powerful features,including a user defined stepper driver to support dual Z axis type 3D printer, 2 thermalcouples interface which allow you to print high temperature materials, 2 extended interface for steppers and heaters so you can add more extruders in your printer for color printing.
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