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    3D Printed "Desktop" PC ;)

    This project started when I was recycling my girlfriends old computer and I destroyed the case trying to remove the hard drive. It wasn't until after I wreaked the case that I noticed that the computer (while nothing special just an older dual core) was much better than the P.O.S. relic I was using. I began by screwing the computer to a board and the desk kind of grew around that.

    A couple wire stays to protect the wires from pulling free.

    This is the original case fan (and printed intake port) which will now be used as a intake fan for the in desk housing.

    I bought a 120mm fan to use as an exhaust fan and printed another port for this fan.

    Just for laughs I designed and printed a Marvin the Martian fan grill.

    Here are the two fans and exhaust port grill.

    The mounted exhaust port grill. (if only the Deathstar had of of these.)

    This is the bottom of the desk showing the mounted fan and the LED strip that will illuminate the computer.

    I made a custom intake grill too. (keep your fingers out of there)

    The computer is visible from the top and is protected under a sheet of plexiglass.

    New mounts and bezel for the CD-Rom.

    The (redesigned) CD-Rom power/light switches, card reader, and USB ports are all built into the front of the desk with custom printed bezels for easy access.

    Printed wire grommets to keep the top clean looking.

    The desk actually holds two computers, this one is for genreal screwing around on the internet..... while the built in is used for all my business and CAD stuff.

    I only wanted to run one keyboard and mouse on the desk top so I use a KVM switch mounted under the desk top with another printed bracket to switch between computers.

    I wanted to run fiber optics through the top of the desk to the LEDS on the KVM switch box so I can tell which computer is activated. I printed an attachment and used a piece of PVC pipe to turn my Dremal into a quick drill press.

    This allowed me to drill the holes for the optics and keep them exactly vertical.

    Here are the installed Fiber optics in the desk top.

    While I was playing with the fiber optics I decided to pimp out the desk top a little more. I started by laying out a pattern on the top and bottom of the desk.

    The drill bit I needed for the tiny fibers was to short to drill completely through the table top so I had to drill the hole from each side. For the bottom I used this thicker bit with a stop on it to start the holes.

    The bottom has been drilled.

    I use my Dremal drill press again on the top.

    After the holes where drilled the Fiber optics were glued in. To do this I first insert the fibers into the holes, place a drop of super glue on the bottom side, and pull them up just a bit. After the glue dries I use a shape razor blade to cut them flush with the desk top.

    Here's what the fibers look like from the bottom.

    I designed and printed this bottom bracket to hold the fiber optics over a LED strip, each LED will illuminate four strands.

    Here the Fibers have all been trimmed to length and are inserted in the mount.

    This is the finished effect, a nice landing pad for my mouse.

    I also printed up a bunch of wire stays to organize all of the wires under the desk.

    These should keep everything organized and off the floor.

    Here's a finished shot of the underside of the Desk.

    Added an external hard drive for backups.

    The desk really comes to life with the lights off.

    Thanks for looking.....

    I almost forgot the Cat Tax. (if you have a cat you need two computer chairs if you ever want to get anything done.)

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    That's ffreaking Awesome!

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    Sick work B



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