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    X position limited by alum extruder case hitting frame

    Hi, including a couple of pics of how my extruder is limited on the right side by it hitting the frame. It's about 8mm before it activates the pre-installed x limit switch. Even if the cover is off the actual steel bottom bit collides instead. The nozzle is about 12mm away from the print area edge. Left side is fine since the extruder is offset. The extruder is snugly screwedto the x-wing with no issues. One thing I did observe during construction is the screw that is the axis for the filament tension wheel is long enough to make fitting the extruder onto the wing carriage a little tough. I had to file about 0.5mm off the end so it would go on. You can see this in the third pic.


    - - - Updated - - -

    I was thinking this extra long screw was not the factor here but I am going to attempt to shorten it further so it does not stick out past the cover plate at all. Another 1.5mm to remove carefully. Fun.

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    I took the extruder main L bracket off and checked with a machinist square - it was not! A bit of vice work returned it to 90deg. I also filed the end of the protruding screw off flush and it fits much better now and will clear the frame. Of course it still leaves some unreachable space on the bed - but that is normal I guess.

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    If you swap the thumbscrews on the bed for the 4 spares in the box you will gain a few more mm in x&y travel.
    In your 2nd picture, you can see that because the extruder sags slightly at the rear, the edge of the extruder housing just catches the upright. Did your bracket adjustment move it enough to now clear the frame?
    After you have done your various tinkerings don't forget to adjust the x-axis limit switches to give you maximum travel without banging the sides.



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