I have a CR10 and lately have been having an issue where the printer does not start a print. It doesn't heat the bed or the extruder.

When the problem happens, it abbreviates the print name and puts an " in.

They are not long names (shelf) and the files are not larger than others I have done (34mb).

Last time it did this, I tried formatting my sd card. It started working after power cycling the printer. That is not working this time, however. I tried printing an older gcode I had previously done, and it worked fine.

I am not sure what is unique about these gcodes.

Using Simplify3d to generate. I believe it is a 1gb microSD card.
I am at work now, and can upload the file tonight if that helps.


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Update: I had dropped the layer height to .16, I think. I switched it to .2 and then it worked.