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    Stock hot end modification for different tips?

    Hi all,

    Has anyone attempted to modify the original hot end of the Cube 3 to take aftermarket tips? I have killed 2 now and only have 1 of the original tips left.

    I have been thinking about tapping through the right side of the nozzle housing in the hot end to fit a standard aftermarket 0.4mm tip, but am not yet sure how to connect it to the feed without melting important parts.

    If not, is there somewhere that makes an aftermarket tip that might be a little more up to the long term task of printing? I know E-Bay has carts that you can get but $70 CAN seems quite steep when I only need the tip.

    Alternatively, I do have parts for 3 carts I can trade if someone has a spare tip. If so, PM me plz.



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    Hey T3, There were some tales of an M6 tap fix to add an entire nozzle. The heater block is quite fragile for tapping.

    Tips are USD$50 - all the other parts are free ;] Good thing is, I've only toasted one tip in 5 years. I never mess with them and they just keep printing. Occasional maintenance required. I use these carts - HERE That mod makes every cartridge 90% useful - even the crappy tubing.

    See my bits on Thingiverse under maker 'Qube3Bot'.



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