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    Bed Levelling with heaters on for ABS?!

    So I noticed that there's a significant difference in levelling the bed unheated and heated. I am trying my first ABS prints and boosted the bed from 55 to 100C and nozzle from 195 to 240C (I need to remember to turn the fan off next time too!).

    Anyways, I level the bed and it's all good for PLA prints but at the extra temps for ABS the nozzle scores my kapton tape and smudges the first layers (obviously). I am also going to check if the already unflat bed has even more of an arch at 100C than 20 (or 55).

    Do people do their leveling at print temperature? Do I need the nozzle hot as well when leveling? I use the paper technique - still a few degrees away from starting I fire I understand but sure is safer for my hands at 20 or 55C !!

    Also those last few degrees up to 100 take a pretty long time!

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    do you have isolation under the bed? or around the bed/printer? that usually makes a difference. Many people use cork sheets for that... or cardboard around the printer.

    I still havent tried ABS.

    I do tend to level once I turn on heating, and I turn on heating before pressing print, because as you say, it takes a bit of time to heat up everything... And since I replaced my alu bed with a brand new and put a glass sheet over it right after, I can say the print may be unleveled still because of the 8mm rods, its the only explanation I can find so far...

    So 10mm should make a difference, AND the v3 ruler slide should be the best solution so far.



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