Model Comparisons

We now have all of our 7 models of the Rapide Lite Series production ready we have taken photos of the internal electronics to give everyone an idea of the differences between each model.

You will see that we have done a lot of work on each model to ensure all aspects of the printer has been considered. From the baby of the family Rapide Lite 100 through to the immense size and print volume of Rapide Lite 500XL we have worked tirelessly to develop a production model that is cost effective to mass produce without scarificing quality or finish so the end result is affordability for all users.

It is easy to distinguish the size differences by looking at the power supplies & logic boards in each machine. The 500 completely dwarfs the 3 power supplies required to power the custom made ceramic heat bed.

We trust this will give all our contributors a better understanding of the work and effort that has gone into developing the Rapide Lite Series.

Rapide Lite 100 V1

Rapide Lite 200 V1

Rapide Lite 200 & 200XL V2

Rapide Lite 350 & 350XL V1

Rapide Lite 500 & 500XL V1