An interesting finding from a printing mistake. Yesterday I needed a few part for a presentation. The Cube3 was loaded up with my favorite White NovaMaker PETG. For some strange reason, I didn't run it through Buddy's conversion. I just went straight to the ABS slicer.

Wow! A little 'wet' but perfectly flat and well filled. This is only 10C more than what I was printing with and the retraction, speed, and other fine tuning is completely different. But it worked! And working is a huge element.

So I made the error on my Cube3 but what does that mean for CubePro? My observation with White ABS from 3D Systems was that it would discolor on the nozzle. Having small charred bits that connect to the print sometimes. I printed well over a half dozen parts and not one char.

Please note that I find extreme differences from one maker to the next and even the different colors from the same supplier. I have tested this material and it has been very consistent between orders as well.

If this pans out into CubePro, this might just solve the ABS availability issue. Anyone care to do a similar test with your favorite PETG in your CubePro?