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    Modded my Trio for in-cabinet filament spools

    I rigged up my cabinet to hold spools inside and ran tubes up into the Trio. Fab'd some chip holder/tube guides to fit into the cartridge spots. I also bolted the printer to the cabinet to make it more secure.

    It works pretty nicely except if I go to swap out a spool it's tricky keeping the others from coming unwound. To help with that I'm in the process of printing up some clamps to fit into the spools to keep the filament tidy when moving them around.

    My next mod will be put put a small dehumidifying heater into the cabinet to keep the filament dry. I'd also like to add a supplemental heater to the chamber to reduce the heat-up time. The first print of the day takes way too long!


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    That just makes so much sense ;]



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