I've been running my Trio just about every day of the week, except some weekends, and I'm starting to have some intermittent issues.

Recently, the printer will sometimes experience a drop in chamber temperature and pause to warm back up. The heater feels like it's blowing hot air but the little thermometer I put inside the chamber continues to drop so it must not be putting out air that's hot enough. Eventually, after many minutes, the temperature will start climbing back up and it will resume printing. This has happened maybe a 1/2 dozen times over the last week or two.

Sometimes it will error out with an extruder temp error. This only happens when it's warming up before a print. It's happened maybe 3 or 4 times since I've been using it lately.

The third weird problem happened just today for the first time. In the middle of a print, the machine just "went dark" : the display went out, the interior LEDs went out, and the printing stopped. When I pressed the button near the display, it lit back up and displayed "printheads cooling" but the interior LEDs didn't come on and the table didn't drop. After rebooting it it's working fine.

I'm wondering if maybe the power supply is getting flakey or if there's some connections getting loose from all the jiggling around it does.