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    Lightbulb My new favorite OEM plate cleanup tool (toss the sandpaper)

    I've been messing around with some ideas to cleanup OEM print plates and I have 4 with varying degrees of imperfections. I was hopeful that JB Weld Plastic Bonder might end up being a great solution for filling in divots and deep scratches but I wasn't very happy with the results - even after spending a bit of time sanding down the new high spots created by it.

    This mistake, which I luckily only tested on a single plate, did lead to a success. To ensure the high spots were now level again with the platform, I used an old automotive trick - a razor blade to scrape the surface. On a car engine, a good way to clean up a machined surface that had a gasket or sealant applied is to use a razor blade. Hold the blade perpendicular to the machined face and lightly scrape back and forth. With little effort, you quickly have a nice clean face.

    I was so impressed with how quickly the blade cleaned up the JB Weld that I messed with it a bit more and the results were very impressive. A little more testing and I landed on simply making single passes from top to bottom, in a single smooth motion (not back and forth), with each pass overlapping the last slightly. Then I rotated the plate 90 degrees and did one more pass. You will be surprised how much dust is created! That's plate material so don't go crazy! Even if you're trying to correct some serious imperfections, take your time with a focus on consistency. The goal is to remove as little material as possible with each pass.

    While it didn't completely erase the targeted imperfections, it removed some imperfections that I couldn't even see (high spots and imbedded filament/unknown substances) and left a near perfect-like new finish. Since I was installing upgraded platforms on each, I didn't feel the need to go any further.
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